Have you ever wondered how your family will cope financially if you didn’t make it home tonight? What if you survived a serious car accident with injuries that meant you will never be able to work again? How do I continue to pay our mortgage?

These are just some of the questions everyday Australian families are facing during their working lives. A Life Insurance plan is designed to protect your ability to build your financial future. It gives you piece of mind in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance happening where you are unable to produce an income due to sickness, injury or illness or even worse never return to work.

Your adviser at Insight Financial Advisers will help you make informed life insurance and asset protection decisions. We will provide clarity on your Life, TPD, trauma and income protection needs. Whether it is the initial protection and implementation of our advice or assistance with making a claim, we will ensure that your family and financial future are protected.

Life Insurance can be very complex and time consuming so give us a call today to discuss your life insurance and asset protection options.

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